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I don’t use diesels on my home layout but I do collect a few for use on my intended summer home switching layout which is under construction.
Here are a few pictures of my first generation diesels.

This is an Atlas model Alco RS-1 locomotive. I purchased it undecorated and my friend Don Janes detailed it, added DCC sound and custom painted it.


These three locomotives are all Kato models of Alco NW-2s. The foreground model has been custom painted in CNR’s earliest graphics. All have been machined for DCC decoders.


These two locomotives are both Atlas models of Alco S-1 switchers.


This little beauty is a Walthers model of an EMD SW-1 switcher. I did a lot of machining to put a Kato NW-2 drive system inside the existing chassis. The paint job is one of my custom jobs................yes....I know CNR never had SW-1s. 


This was an Athearn SW-1500 before I added a drive from a Proto 2000 and detailed and painted it to become an SW-1200-RS


The two yellow locos are Roundhouse EMD model 40s and the #517 was an Athearn Hustler. I cut and sectioned an Athearn SW-1500 shell to convert my Hustler into a 1st generation diesel. I used a Roundhouse model 40 drive in it. I never did finish detailing it and probably never will as it was just for fun and not a great runner. If I ever go back at it I will probably put a Bachmann 45 tonner drive in it as they work very well.

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