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This is the infamous Walthers 90’ turntable kit I am currently constructing. I like a challenge and this kit had such a bad reputation I just had to build one.
At this point the bridge rotates freely and evenly, so 99% of the problems are solved. I had to turn the plastic bogey wheels between centers (using special tooling I made) on my lathe. It worked well but if I do another one I will use 1.5 x 6 x 2mm bearings for bogey wheels and cut shafts.
I have discarded the plastic deck and using real wood. You will see some printed circuit board ties installed to solder rail to. I will paint these black later to make then *disappear*.
See bottom photo for closer look at turned bogey wheels.

Turntable-1 Turntable-3
Turntable 5

I hope this picture helps you see how I turned the bogey wheels on my lathe to make them round with flat faces concentric to their axle points. As they come on the plastic sprue, they are *skewed* due to poor dies used by the manufacturer. A real shame as it makes the kits all but useless.

Photo above shows the rail soldered into place. The PC board ties have been painted weathered black so they disappear. Wires have been soldered onto the rails and run down through the bridge swing shaft where the will be soldered onto an Atlas turntable used to power and turn the Walthers turntable.


These two photos show the Atlas turntable mech installed to turn the Walthers unit.

TT mech

The photos below show a Walthers SW-1 chassis being milled and a Kato NW-2 drive installed. To be continued.

milling SW-1 chassis NW-2 in SW-1 chassis

The picture below is a backdrop scene I am painting on my railroad near Big Bug. A work in progress.


These next two pictures are of mountains I built on the bench and installed on the layout. The fresh white plaster is the process of blending the prepainted sections together. I have a lot of paint work left to do to make them all seem to have the same colors and hues. I’m guessing about 6 hours of dry brushing should do it.

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